Amateur Anal Attempts 33 2012
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Amateur Anal At剧情介绍

Amateur Anal Attempts 33 2012 DVDRip

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Genres: Straight , Anal , Blowjob , Stockings , Amateur
Stars: Faith , Jessy , Tigeress
Year: 2012
Plot: Jessy is a cute college age brunette in lingerie with a shaved pussy. She is being filmed giving a blowjob by a camera on a tripod. She vibes her pussy and asshole while giving the BJ. Then uses a sextoy anally while fingering her pussy. They fuck cowgirl awhile and doggie until he cums on her ass. Faith is a 19-year-old in her wedding dress. She talks and flirts with the cameraman, Michael. She pulls down her dress to reveal her small tit,s and then kneels down to give him a blowjob. She drops drops her dress then sits in a chair and starts to rub her pussy. Michael pulls her panties aside to get better access. She gets on her back and spreads her legs so Michael can fuck her ass. Faith then straddles Michael reverse cowgirl. She then slurps down his butt-tainted cock for an oral cumshot finish! Tigeress is a hot, wanna-be wrestler. She shows off her big tits when Maxx Loadz comes in. The two wrestle around on the bed, getting pretty rough. Tigress straddles Maxx and thrusts her big tits in his face. Maxx then gets her in a headlock and flips her over and thrusts his cock in her face. Tigress fights back but she soon succumbs. She gives Maxxx a blowjob as he pulls her wrestling tight to one side. He starts to fuck her hairy slit. After a lube-up, Tigress takes Maxxx"s cock up her ass. He finishes her off with a huge facial cumshot which Tigress licks up! This is the only Tigeress video.

701.08 MB
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